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Why customer feedback is important​

Know how satisfied are your customers today?

Dziso Elctronics Customer Feedback System gives voice to all your customers and members in real time so you can identify areas for improvement instantly and transform their sport experience. Measuring customer satisfaction and staff assistance has never been so easy. Getting actionable insights has never been so efficient.

Services to evaluate and custom templates1

We define the services to be tracked and adapt validated models to the specific needs of the organisation. These are some of the survey models we offer

Survey distribution channels 2

We assign the most appropriate digital distribution channel to each service. The surveys are sent by SMS or displayed on feedback terminals located at strategic points in the hospital.

Real time analysis3

Analytics platform displays the results of the surveys in real time, distributing automatic and segmented reports to the different service

CSAT score

CSAT stands for Customer Satisfaction and it refers to one of the most widely used indicators in the Customer Experience practice

The importance of Customer Satisfaction

When a consumer buys a product, she has certain expectations. If the product meets the expectations, the customer won’t jump with glee saying “ Isn’t it wonderful, it actually worked”. Good quality services/products are the norm these days, not the exception. With hundreds of astounding options on the table, we quickly get used to having what we want and when these expectations fail, our experience lingers. The bar is getting higher and higher. It’s important that we stay above this bar to delight our customers. It’s vital to adapt to these standards otherwise a significant chunk of customers would leave. This observational truth is confirmed by scientific proofs: in fact Research suggests that customer satisfaction is related to brand loyalty which impacts directly on profitability.

To understand the data and flow of our customers’ expectations, we need to feel their pulse and monitor the change. Information like this is hard to get, but once obtained, it is indispensable.


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